Blog Beast Review | A Look Behind the Beast


You’re more than likely here because you want a genuine Blog Beast review. And it’s likely that you are tired and frustrated from pushing through the hype, grrr. Well rest assured, this review will not be one of those horror shows. I certainly won’t be showing any affiliate links or related opportunities. I’m a former member of Empower […]

The Essential Guide for Finding Your Target Market


Finding your target market can help you find it easier to create a presence in the over-crowded world of blogging. What I mean is that while tons of bloggers are bumping heads to rank for keywords like weight loss, credit repair, and make money online, you can take a different approach and see results much […]

5 Factors Google Favors When Ranking Content


I don’t know about you, but in the days before learning about SEO (search engine optimization), I didn’t put much thought into how the results that came up actually got there. Every time I wanted to know something, my numero uno solution was “to like just Google it.” Little did I know, the pages that […]