8 Ways to Slay Niche Authority

Have you noticed how much people have a natural respect for authority? Why do you think that is?

My two cents:


People love to listen to people they feel like they can trust.

I mean, people listen to the diagnoses of doctors, right?

… when the dentist tells them their child needs braces for two years, eh?

… and when their parents told them what to do while they were growing up, yeah?

I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Earn people’s trust, and you can convince them to do just about anything.

There are flash floods of online marketers attempting to make money online and the competition is deep. The only way to rise above is to become a captain of authority.

You need to place yourself in a position of trust that will attract people to you so don’t have to fish.

So here are 8 things you can do to position yourself as an authority in your niche.


1. Brand Yourself

One thing that stands out with authority figures is their brand.

It’s the face of a business which makes it easier for people to recognize and remember who you are, which over time will naturally build trust.

It’s especially important to keep this in mind when it comes to promoting a product or business opportunity. Think about it.

What happens if your company get’s shut down? What happens if a product totally flops?

Something you invested all that time into is now gone and there’s nothing you can do.

Do yourself a favor and always brand you. I talk more about this here.


2. Know Your Target Audience

If you’re marketing to everyone, then you’re marketing to no one.

To become top notch, you need to identify a target audience and learn everything you can about them including their wants, need, desires, pain points, and any other problems they may be experiencing.

You can find this information in popular forums, blogs, and videos within your niche.

Forums are great for research because it’s typically where newbies hang out and seek information. Check them out and make a list of questions people are asking and any other issues they’re experiencing.

As for the popular blogs in your niche, do a quick Google search using niche keywords such as “top internet marketing blogs”, “best cooking blogs”, “top 20 tech blogs”, etc.

Look for the most popular content on these blogs that have a lot of likes, shares, and interaction in general. These topics are clearly hot and what people are looking for so simply re-create the post using your own words and personality.

Success leaves clues, so pick up the obvious ones that successful marketers before you dropped along their way.   🙂

3. Learn, Do, Teach, Repeat

Your wisdom equals value, and the more you put out is in direct proportion to how much you will receive.

The best formula for doing this is to Learn, do, teach, and repeat.

Learn from training products in your niche, put it in to action, share the concept with others, and repeat.

Do this consistently and people will soon start to wonder who you are and where you’re learning your value and wisdom from.

Ahhh, attraction marketing at it’s finest.


4. Serve Others

Your mentality shouldn’t be like: “Why am I not making money yet”, or “Why does everything bad happen to me?”

Instead you should focus on how you can help other people get what they want.

When you show people that you truly care about helping them and you then give them an overwhelming amount of value to back it up, it’s almost like they feel as though they owe you something in return.

From there you will have their trust and when you recommend something they will be less hesitant to buy without feeling sold.


5. Leverage Testimonials

When you help someone out whether it was a big service or small, you always want to ask for a quick testimonial.

People like to know that something works before they spend money on it, and they want to know that you are really fit for helping them.

Well, what better way to prove yourself than with testimonials from others you’ve helped?

These days, social proof goes far and the more you have the less you have to convince someone that you’re a good fit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s through video, email, or social media, any little testimonial can help.


6. Be Available

No matter how big of an authority you become in your niche, you should always make yourself available for people to reach out to you. In fact, you should encourage it.

People want to feel supported, and you should do just that.

An effective way to do this is through a mastermind group so you can help everyone out in one place and everyone can participate.

You also want to be easy to reach on the social networks you’re the most active on.

When people feel like you will be for them, they will feel a lot more comfortable trusting you.


7. Interact With Leaders

Again, people are attracted to authority, so naturally they keep an eye on what leaders do.

Better yet, watch for opportunities to mingle with them.

You have to step into the role if a leader even before you really become one. You know, be the change you want to see.

This means seeking out people who already have the same success you want and finding ways to interact with them whether it be through:

  • Commenting on Facebook posts
  • Commenting on their videos and blog posts
  • Interacting with them in Facebook and LinkedIn groups
  • Buying a product or joining a business opportunity through them
  • Joining their mastermind

Leaders may be busy but when they see someone that’s truly dedicated, consistent, and getting results, they sure start to take notice.

It may take a little time to get the ball rolling but the potential relationship is more than worth it.

8. Stay Consistent

Like my mentor says, “consistency always wins.”

Do something enough, and you’re going to get a result. Not to mention you’re going to get pretty damn good at it.

As a result of this you can easily become an authority in your niche.

  1. Choose 1-2 traffic sources, business opportunities, etc.
  2. Focus ONLY on mastering these. Don’t get distracted or discouraged.
  3. Take consistent action. The doctor recommends a daily dose. 😉

And sooner than you think, people will take notice and start seeking you out instead of the other way around.


It can take some time and practice to get used to applying all of these at once, so don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

It’s also crucial to remember not to compare yourself to others, and especially those experiencing a higher level of success.

You just have to remember that these people had to start from the bottom too and that sooner you get started, the sooner you can start seeing similar results.


Torri Thompson

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