Blog Beast Review | A Look Behind the Beast

You’re more than likely here because you want a genuine Blog Beast

And it’s likely that you are tired and frustrated from pushing through the hype, grrr.

Well rest assured, this review will not be one of those horror shows.

I certainly won’t be showing any affiliate links or related opportunities.

I’m a former member of Empower and this is simply my own unbiased opinion

And now that we’ve slapped on a big ole’ G rating it’s time to start the show so sit back, grab some Gobstoppers, and let’s go.

What is Blog Beast?

Blog Beast is the renovated version of Empower Network’s viral blogging system.

It’s primarily designed in mind for busy bloggers and business owners, featuring an app for blogging and posting videos on the go.

EN has switched from WordPress to a more user friendly platform that “even your grandma can use”.

While this is helpful for beginners, the more advanced crowd may not exactly feel the same. This seems to be one of the primary concerns with the upgrade.

In my experience, whether or not Blog Beast will be a snug fit depends on how deep your blogging blood runs.

According to the chart, if you’re:

Type A

Someone that likes to blog as much as you bathe the Blog Beast platform probably won’t be a comfortable fit for you.

For one thing, it can be trying and more time consuming to put your poor thumbs to work typing hundreds of words of hardcore value.

Also, you will be limited on your buttons of creativity.

By that I mean compared to WordPress or other blogging platform, Blog Beast will assist you like this:


A simple platform made simply for content creation.

As you can see, there are only spots for writing, uploading a image, audio, or video and the options to bold, underline, and italicize.

Us frequent bloggers want header tags and plugins to to play around with, so if you will miss those than you may not be a fan of the beast.

Type B

Now if you’re brand spanking new and want to get started blogging without the hassle of setting up your own blog or paying someone else to do it for you.

For $25 a month you will gain immediate access to your blog and can go to work fitting it to your taste.

Your will have options to spice up your blog by changing the header image, menu, adding your own image to the header, choosing a color theme, and changing up the sidebar.

So instead of spending time setting up you can be writing up content for your blog.

Type O

Your blood runs deep throughout the blogging world and you may be someone that likes to direct it through multiple blogs.

Blog Beast supports those with many interests and helps house them all under one roof wrapped in a domain of their own.

So whether you want a personal blog, business, cat, or even Christmas blog, the option is there to have them all, sharing the beast as their home.

Cool Beans, But Tell Me More About Blog Beast

Blog Beast is obviously designed to make your blogging and business life easier, but it’s meant for you to keep up with your business on the go as well.

The Dave’s decided to do everything up digital so you can access all your purchased trainings from your portable device, and still “build a business while having a life.”

To top it off, they served up a number of high converting squeeze pages you can use to capture leads for your business.

To be honest, the capture pages justify a chunk of the monthly cost and worth at least the basic subscription alone.

When you think about it, how much time would it take you to come up with the same copy that converts well and is proven to suck in leads.

After time you should get your own capture page that hundreds of others aren’t using, but when first starting your time could be spent learning the business more and blogging.

So now let’s get down to the pros and cons of the Blog Beast.


1. Set up Speed: Within minutes of purchasing you will have your virtual hands on your new blog without worrying about set-up hassle, saving you time, frustration, and energy.

2. Mobile Friendly: Empower was formed around the idea of building a business while having a life so it’s awesome of them to accompany it with mobile access.

A simple app holds convenient access to your blog and other features of the back office like the audio of the week, your purchased products, the works.

3. Training Series: A set of 9 training videos designed to help you get started right away with working on your business.

4. Ease of Use: The primary reason for it’s existence, the Blog Beast was designed for “children”  of all ages.

5. Storage: Since hosting is including with your basic blogging package you have unlimited space to post all the content you want.

With self-hosted blogs, the bigger they grow the more you are eventually going to owe. The smaller hosting plans like I mentioned earlier come with limited amounts of space.

…. Just something to take into consideration once your self-hosted blog starts becoming slammed with traffic every day.


1. You Don’t Own Your Own Content: That’s right I said it, in using the Blog Beast you do not own your own content.

And just why not?

You’re blog(s) will be hosted on the Empower Network servers, which technically makes it the company’s content and not yours.

Another thing to consider is what would happen if something happened to EN and it disappeared overnight?

Poof! Your content would be gone in a flash.

2. Company Brand: Despite the fact that you can make some cool customizations to your blog, it’s  still hard to remove the Empower logo from certain areas on the blog.

That along with Empower’s reputation may not work out so well for those trying to build their own brand or promote other affiliate products.

3. Not So Friendly for SEO: Since you can’t use header tags or any kind of SEO plugins, your blog posts will be harder to rank.

These things aren’t necessarily a matter of life and death, but they sure do make your life  quite a bit easier.

4.  No Plugins: As I sort of just mentioned, you can’t download any plugins for your blog.

5. Limited Theme Customization: No plugins also means no other themes.
You will have the option to change the background or color and aside from changing the header, menu, and sidebar that’s about it.

6. Extra Media Charge: Despite what most Empower peeps may make you think, in order to  upload videos straight from your phone you need to purchase a monthly subscription to a media package.

Will cost you $19.95 to be exact

One more thing… Is there a Blog Beast Scam?

From my actual experience using the platform from the time it came out in September of 2013 until the beginning of January, I can certainly tell you that there is no Blog Beast scam.

Anyone new to the industry that wants to start blogging quickly with a short learning curve could benefit from the basic training & marketing materials.

The biggest problem I see is that the content you create is hosted on the Empower Network domain and therefore doesn’t belong to you. So if drop your membership or the company for some reason shuts down, your content is powered off right along with it.

That being said, I would encourage everyone to start their own blog at some point simply because the content will always be yours and you can always write about what you want.

A domain will cost you $10-$15 a year and you can always swipe a coupon that will help you score one for around two bucks or so.

With that you will need a place to host your blog, so you’re looking at around $3-$10 a month depending on how many other blogs you want to host.

Overall the cost is a bit less but you still have to factor in the time it will take you to learn how to set the whole thing up and implement.

So in the end, it comes down to whether you want to invest more of your time or money.

Blog Beast Review Summary

In my opinion, whether or not Blog Beast is right for someone really depends on the reason they’re starting a blog in the first place.

I can’t recommend the platform either way, but all I have to say is you should get multiple opinions before making a decision.

Yes, the majority of Blog Beast reviews are written specifically to recruit, so I will say beware and don’t decide until hearing both sides.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any other questions about the Blog Beast and I will do what I can to answer them for you.

Torri Thompson

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