8 Blog Post Ideas That Will Rock Your Socks Off

Rockin’, Sockin’ Blog Post Ideas



It can sometimes be mind draining to think of blog post ideas, and creative ones at that.

But with a focused plan of action in place, ideas for blog posts will start flowing faster than a drunk person can pee. ­čÖé

Taking the time to do market research and plan your blog content around your target audience will make it thousands of times easier to come up with ideas.

Once you know exactly who you are writing for you can tap into their needs, wants, and problems, which screams boatloads of ideas for content.

It’s easy to feel lost and confused when you are blogging just to blog, so “take a tip, take a tip, take a tip from me”…

Find a niche, research their wants, needs, problems, and desires and let the brainstorming begin for new ideas.


#1: Problem Solving

Write blog posts or make videos that offer a solution to a problem your target market might be having.

People primarily perform searches in Google to find answers to their questions and expect to see something beneficial be spit back up.

Be their ‘go-to’ source of information and the key to what they were looking for.

Be the hostess with the mostest and give them a reason to keep coming back.

#2: Reviews

Write non-biased reviews on products or services you have purchased so far and don’t forget to be transparent.

People want to read genuine, no fluff reviews from people with an actual user experience so give them what they want, just be aware of the criticism that may follow in the comments if you decide to take one side or the other.

If you are an affiliate of the product you’re reviewing I don’t think it’s a good idea to include your affiliate link anywhere in the post.

People hate to feel like they’re being sold and if you have made your point strong enough in the post they may decide on take you up on your offer.

Be transparent and cover every aspect of your subject so that all your visitors questions are answered and they don’t have to keep hunting on other blogs.

#3: Buyer Keywords

People buy everything online these days from a new electronics to pantyhose.

This has been a great revelation for the internet marketer as we can now earn a commission by intercepting some of these sales.

Targeting buyer keywords is a great way to position ourselves in front of these people and offering them a solution to what they were searching for.

If you can rank for these keywords and give credible value, there is a good chance that the visitor will buy the product through you.

It’s all about providing a solution and leading with value.

#4: Filler Posts

Filler┬áposts are what I like to call my blog posts that aren’t optimized for rankings.

They essentially balance out your blog and shows Google that you’re composing other kinds of content that aren’t keyword related.

If you don’t like blogging that much or have a hard time doing it, creating filler posts are a great way to get better at writing while growing your blog.

Filler posts can be about anything but I like to somehow tie them back into the original theme of my blog, which of course is everything blogging.

Kinda like I did in this crazy example where I tied Kurt Cobain and story telling in with becoming a blogging rockstar.

It may be seem a little weird but it’s different, edgy, and unique so it works.

#5:  Case Studies/Tutorials

Internet marketers seem get as excited as a fat kid visiting the ice cream truck when they read they words case study and tutorial.

People love to be shown the way, especially when it comes to strategies they can learn to generate an income on the internet.

Help where you can by putting out good karma into the blogosphere and shed a little light in someone else’s corner.

Teach back what you have learned in your experiences and studies and share what’s worked best for you.

Shoot a quick video and show people that you know your stuff.

#6: Frequently Asked Questions

The Professional Pete’s of niches know their target audience so well that they could write valuable content in their sleep.

As someone that’s been in your ideal prospects type of shoes, you should be familiar with their wants, needs, desires, problems, and pain points.

This should help you compile a nice resource list of answers to commonly questions searched for questions. Cover as much ground as you can again, become the man with the plan for your niche.

One of the best places to identify these problems is by visiting forums related to your niche. This is where tons of people with questions turn for answers, so they post their questions and concerns. Start taking notes.

Just type into Google forums for whatever your niche is.

When I did a search for weight loss before prom, several results for forums we’re spat back at me. Sure, two of the are from a minute ago but it still proves that those types of questions and concerns are still welcome.


#7: Resource Lists

If you have a slew of blog posts that all cover different areas within the same niche, you could always gather them together into one big resource post.

Combining the smaller pieces of your work into larger resources of value makes blogging more fun for everyone.

For example, let’s saying you have a niche blog about losing weight before prom and you have written several articles that cover different areas of the topic.

You could create a blog post that curates them all together like so:


How to Get Started With Losing Weight Before Prom

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Before the Prom

Diet and Exercise Tips for Pre-Prom Weight Loss

Daily Tips for Weight Loss Before Prom Season

How to Take Charge of Losing Weight Before Prom


You get a source of high value for your blog and your readers get high amounts of value for themselves, all in one place.

Everybody wins.

#8: Learn, Do, Teach

If you want to get really good at something you obviously need to hone your craft.

You should take the opportunity to learn everything you can about your niche and always be learning something new.

Redundantly speaking, each time you learn something, you should apply it and teach it back to others in your videos and blog posts.

When doing this, it’s best to have some kind of social proof or results to back up what you’re saying. This doesn’t have to be income claims, however if you do use these remember to use a disclaimer.

All you really need to do is focus on and stay consistent with an activity until you see results and then use that as proof that you know what the heck you’re saying.

You will instantly become more credible and people will begin to like and trust you more.


Blog post ideas can really come from anywhere, it’s just a matter of turning up your creative notch and start brainstorming.

If your stuck, try listening to music that makes you feel good, exercising, or drinking lots of caffeine to get a quicker source of inspiration.

I have been coming up with some pretty catchy titles lately by doing this.

I just think of my keyword and try to basically slice it up and add it to popular phrases, words that rhyme, and funny sayings.

This has led to some of my most creative blog post ideas so far so I’m definitely going to keep using it.

Double dare you to try it too…

Until then, be sure to like and share this post if it sparked your creative plugs.


Your blog post idea dealer,

 Torri Thompson

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