Catchy Blog Titles Catch More Eyeballs

Creating Catchy Blog Titles


Crafting catchy blog titles can basically make or break your ability to capture eyeballs and spark a general interest.

With the hundreds of other bloggers out there that have the same things to say, the title of your blog post can be what makes yours more appealing.

While many people are constructing posts of overdone “how to’s” and “top 10” whatever, yours could be one of the few that stand out by splashing your headlines with personal creativity.

This will be your advantage over everyone else so it’s important that you exercise it.


The title of your blog post is what will entice readers and make them want to see what’s inside your post.

To give you a few ideas, here are some sweet tips for crafting cool and catchy blog titles.

#1: Tie Into Emotions

Certain words and phrases can trigger peoples emotions and make them feel a certain way from happy to angry to even sad.

Resonating with people’s emotions can make people feel more compelled to click through and read your post.

See this guide to see examples of words and phrases that can trigger emotions.

Tying into emotion can also help your visitors make a more informed decision for a solution or decide that you could be the one that will help them with their needs.

Either way, you get you help someone and that will bring you back more return than any amount of dough.

#2: Use Power Words

Not all words are created equal, and some words have more of a dramatic effect than others. Words that describe something in a creative and interesting way.

Power words are just what they sound like – words that can add power to persuade or even trigger emotion.

Some examples are words like dangerous, free, fearless, frenzy, mega, sick & tired, and tantalizing.

If you need more to work with, I’ve got you covered with some more examples in this mega resource of powerful words.

#3: Add Your Personality

Have a little fun with your titles by referring to something in your favorite music, movies, t.v shows, or even video games.

I like to use funny movie lines or song lyrics that stick in my mind, like I did here.

It may sound a little silly to some people but thats okay because I know that there are people out there that will get it and hey, maybe even like it.

Sprinkle in some personality and see how much catchier your titles will begin to get.

#4: Be Clear and Concise

Cut to the chase, don’t beat around the bush.

It’s cool to mix clever words and phrases into your titles, just don’t get too caught up in the fun and stray from the subject.

Let the title do its job and reflect exactly what the post is going to be about.

For example, it would be better to use the title: “Breathtaking Ways to Make Money Online” as opposed to “10 Ways to Make Money Online That Will Take Your Breath Away.”

#5: Flip the Switch

Instead of trying to be persuasive in some of your headlines, why not try to do just the opposite?

Using reverse psychology can make people think that they’re missing out on something important if they don’t click through.

For example,  using “10 Ways to Kill Your Blog ” would be much more tempting to click than “10 Ways to Build a Killer Blog.”Tha

Don’t ya think?

People will be all like “Why would I want to kill my business?” and decide to see what its about.

Besides that, I’ve seen sooo many other bloggers use the word killer in their titles so it seems slightly overplayed at the moment.

At least that’s how I see it over here on my side of the blog-o-sphere.

#6: Keyword Conscious

Keywords are beneficial for long term rankings that will secure your content in place for years.

As you already know for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes, the keyword needs to be placed in the title and the ideal spot is at the very beginning.

See an example in this post on niche marketing secrets.

I know that sometimes it won’t sound right on the beginning which is fine, just the closer to the beginning you can get the better. If you need a further study on keyword research, check out my post on how to do keyword research.

#7: Tutorials & Advice

People seem to get excited when you mention case studies and tutorials so give them what they want.

Adding [Tutorial] or Case Study to the beginning of a title lets people know they’re going to get value so will automatically feel more compelled to read through, in my experience.

Teaching people something new or helping them solve a problem through a tutorial or showing proof through a case study is a top notch way to build trust.

Social proof just plain works and let’s be honest, people freakin’ love it.


Above all of these tips I think the best advice is to just relax, be yourself, and don’t over-think things too much. The more you practice the better you will get over time and it will become easier to come up with cool ideas.

Before you know it, coming up with catchy blog titles will be a breeze and the ideas will start blowing in quicker than you can grab a pen and write them all down.

… or type, whatever floats your boat.

In the meantime, let me in on some of your suggestions for creating great titles. I’m sure I left plenty of the good ones out.

I’ll be listening.

Torri Thompson

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