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My numero uno lead generation strategy and secret sauce for building a long term online business. The best way to get in front of your target buyers and create content around their wants and needs. Learn my strategies for building a different kind of blog that will do the selling for you, so you can stop wasting your time chasing people down.


Content Syndication

What’s the use is writing content if you don’t show it off after all the time and effort you put in? Give your content some love by sharing with social media and linking to other sites. Catch some of my cool posts that explain where you can syndicate your content using mostly free strategies that anyone can start applying immediately.


Network Marketing 

Empower Network secrets, review, case studies, tutorials, and all the other stuff your sponsor never bothered to tell you. As controversial as the company is, it can be hard to find information that isn’t crammed with affiliate links and hype. Get the inside scoop before deciding if Empower is the right flavor for you.


Personal Development

Real talk, this whole ‘internet thing’ can be rough like the sea during a storm and can sometimes feel like the storm will never end. Motivation can be your life preserver when you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of sameness. You can always count on an inspiring audio or book to get you through the toughest times.



SEO (search-engine optimization) is a creative process of optimizing your content both on and off page to rank in the search engines. That may sound like geek speak but is something that anyone can do, not just the techie types. To make it easier, I use straight-to-the-point SEO that takes a more common sense approach that not too many others are taking advantage of.



Social signals are the ‘wave of the future’ of internet marketing, so it’s becoming more important to grow a social presence online. Build smarter not harder. Stop wasting your time on dried up, overused strategies that everyone and their mom are using learn more creative ways to get things moving.