If Content is King, Are You Treating Yours Like Royalty?


If I only had a dollar for every time I read the phrase “content is king” since taking up blogging two years ago.

… Let’s just say I would be drumming up money faster than the energizer bunny.

My overly dramatized point is that everybody and their mom seems to use this phrase whenever writing or talking about content creation, but how many of them do you actually see treating it that way?

If content is important enough to be called king then shouldn’t we take the time to make it important?

Too many times people are worried about having a higher quantity of posts instead of higher quality ones, so the site visitor ends up suffering in the end.

Great content should provide high value give the reader the answers or solution they were looking for all in one place.

It’s all about becoming an ace instead of a joker and branding yourself as the authority of your niche.

You have to be different from others and find a better way to stand apart.

Take your content to the next level by going the extra mile when creating it.

Be the number one source for information within your niche by becoming the expert in a particular area of it than the whole thing.

This all brings me to my first suggestion for creating content with a royal touch.

Detailed Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts optimizing your content for ranking in the search engines and getting in front of your targeted group of people.

Find the specific words and phrases your warm market is searching for and optimize your blog posts around them so you eventually show up in the results for those searches.

If you want to rank well in Google you need to find a relevant set of keywords for your niche.

Ideally you want low competition, but if there aren’t too many people targeting the search then you should be good.

However, if you’re looking for fast rankings it would be ideal to choose keywords with low competition and and a small yet profitable amount of searches per month.

For example, the weight loss niche is huge and extremely competitive so it could take months if not years or a lot of money to rank first in Google for that keyword.

It would be ideal to target a sub-niche of people and create content more specifically around what they need.

Few people are doing this so the competition in some sub-niches is low as the the president’s approval rating.

Pretty. Dang. Low.

Anyways, it would be more ideal to target sub-niche weight loss after pregnancy instead of weight loss.

The difference will explain itself in the picture below.

Picking the lowest hanging fruit to write about first plus a little bit of optimization will help you rank quicker in the search engines and begin to gain trust with Google.

Not only will you score some points will Google but you will score them with your visitors as well.

The fact that you’re ranking so much alone can serve as enough proof that you know what you’re talking about.

Catchy Cool Titles

Just like the phrase I’ve made the theme of this blog post about, a large chunk of people are constantly spitting out the same titles over and over again like a broken record left spinning in the sun.

Your titles need to be like eye candy that describes what it’s talking about in a sexy way.

Anyone can use “10 ways to do this” and “how to do that” as title of their blog posts so what will make yours grab attention?

Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to truly express your creativity.

Have fun coming up with ideas and if you’re stuck, you can always relate back to t.v shows, music, or movies that you like. This is a great way to connect with the readers who get what you’re talking about, helping you build relationships more effectively.

Even if people don’t get what you’re talking about they still may be enticed by your title and feel compelled to click through and see what the buzz is about.

If you are targeting a keyword in your content, be sure to list the keyword at the beginning and then throw in a clever title.

See this handy dandy guide for crafting clickable post titles to get some creative influence flowing into your life.

Splash of Personality

As I was saying earlier, people often lack personality when writing their blog content which is why there are so many people out there saying the same thing in the exact same way.

Your personality is unique and is your greatest advantage over everyone else.

Infuse it into your blog posts and write exactly as you would if you were explaining the topic to a close friend.

People that share the same interests will be more drawn to you and begin to like, know, and trust you.

Write the same as you would speak, using the same lingo and everything. Wouldn’t suggest swearing as much as a sailor though…

I like to use movie quotes, song lyrics, and words that rhyme.

The more silly I act the more relaxed I feel when writing my blog posts. What used to take 2-3 hours can now be done in about an hour or less, depending on whether it’s optimized or not.

Even though I know I’m acting silly sometime, I also know that there are some people out there that will like reading what I write so it’s totally cool.

This way I will attract the kind of prospects I actually want to work with and repel those away that aren’t interested on the front end.

It all works out pretty well.

Even Flow

The paragraphs in your blog posts shouldn’t be much longer than 3-5 sentences as smaller paragraphs are easier on the eyes.

Content seems to flow better in shorter sentences than large paragraphs and can to be easier for the reader to digest.

Just as well, writing in the form of one to three line paragraphs sometimes makes it easier to spit out.

Attractive Multimedia

As people, we are highly visual creatures so having at least one picture in your blog posts can make a big difference in appeal.

Just the other day I came across several blog comments where people were saying that they stopping reading blog posts that didn’t have pictures because there is too much extra white space on the page.

Knowing both of these facts makes me realize that it’s important to have at least one image in your blog posts. This way you can appeal to your visually oriented readers while sprucing up your content a bit.

Images are cool, but videos just seem to have gotten better.

Some people prefer to watch videos these days rather than take the time to read through a blog post so having them on your site is a great way to keep people on there longer.

Call of Action

If people are going to be hanging out on your blog then there are a few different action we can have them take to give us a social like or share, click through to a link, or even get signed up for our mailing list.

If you have just given a lot of value in a piece of content you created then it’s fairly justifiable to throw in a call of action.

Don’t be an annoying blogger trying to add your affiliate link to every nook and cranny possible.

If you’re blogging effectively, then people should be chasing you instead of you having to chase after them.

When it gets to this point, you will have an effective blogging strategy fit for a king.

In the meantime, stay classy and make your content a little sassy.

Torri Thompson

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