Daily Bloggin Without Really Using Your Noggin

A blog post a day can eventually keep the 9-5 job away.

That’s what every exceptional blog doctor has taught me.

Makes sense though.

Consistency kills.

… in a good way.

The more you create good content, the more you become deadly you become.

Pretty scary, right?

Muah ha ha ha…

… anyhoo

Today I wanted to share something really cool that you can use to help with publishing daily blog content without having even being at your computer.

Yes..you did read that correctly.

See, there’s this awesome little button that lets you schedule a date & time to publish your blog posts so you can set it and forget it.

At least until the next day when you are back to writing again.

Cuz you’re a blogging beast and posting bangin out the content every day right? ;- )

But I know life happens sometimes and there are days when you won’t feel very creative or like blogging period.

Hell, there are still days when I don’t feel like it and I’ve been doing this for two years.

So why not take advantage of the times you’re really in the zone and shoot for cranking out some extra blog posts to schedule for later dates.

This way you’re basically insured with backup content and will always have something on hand for posting.

Think of it as content insurance.

Now you’re officially covered.

So there aren’t many excuses left for you to not put out content everyday.

Well, I’m off to get myself some more insurance.

Stay protected.


Torri Thompson


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