Don’t Overcomplicate-Remember That You ARE Great

At the risk of coming off a little cheesy…

I would like to say that becoming a great blogger can really be easy-peasy.

All it really takes is some time, consistency. and a little elbow grease on your part to things rolling, but you basically have to decide if you wanna stay apart of the ‘me too’ bloggers team or join the big leagues.

The ball is in your court.

The journey to the top doesn’t have to rough although for many it can come off that way, which is why I think so many people give up too soon.

The sad truth is that many people have been programmed throughout our entire lives to not to dream too big and that the traditional way is the best and only way to live.

These limiting beliefs can cause a mental bruise and discouragement which can in turn actually cause dis-belief in oneself and/ or their ability to have a successful blog.

I have seen it happen too many times and don’t want to see it happen to you.

In some cases, the more we think about things the more we difficult they can actually become, so maybe not thinking all the time doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


Blogging and internet marketing are indeed classified as on of these cases. Overcomplicating things will do nothing more for you than make you want to give up and ditch their dreams of having success.

Trust me, I’ve been there and back more times than Linsday Lohan has been to rehab.

Hmmm…that’s kind of a lot…

From that experience, I can truly say that once you allow yourself to relax and stop thinking so dang hard everything will become more clear and just start flowing.

Your inner creativity will feel more free to come out in the content you create and this will become your golden ticket to becoming a super-blogger that flies way above everyone else.

Your personality and creative touch are your value and is what will make you unique beyond everyone else.

And that my friend, is truly what makes you great.

So hit your reset button and stop making this more complicated than it has to be.

… Set your goals

… Map out a route to get to them

… Follow the proven route along the way

… And when you get there be sure to hit your ‘that was easy’ button from Staples.

Lol. Just get goin and remember one thing…


Never forget that, or let anyone else make you think different.


To Our Greatness,

 Torri Thompson


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