Building a Brand Around Being Yourself



If you haven’t heard of Duck Dynasty, there’s a fair chance you’ve been living under a rock.

The show has hit record numbers with ratings and the Robertsons have become one of the most beloved families in America.

The show has completely blown up the Duck Commander brand and opened plenty of other gates for expansion, which I’m sure makes them far more than just happy, happy, happy.

I think the biggest thing that sets this show apart is the fact that it’s so much different from all the other shows on t.v.

Also because they have Si as a secret weapon….

That guy is so hilarious.

He’s so dope that he’s illegal in 55 states.

Just one of the many ways the Robertson family shows that they aren’t afraid to be themselves.

People are as attracted like a magnet those that aren’t afraid to be different and achieve big things in life.

We could all learn a thing or two from Duck Dynasty when it comes to being successful for ourselves.

These guys have obviously know how to strike success so simply studying what they do can be of great value.

For starters, just look at the core of their brand… the product.

Phil set the stage for making quality duck calls that sounded just like real ducks.

With pure focus on becoming the master of a sub-group of a larger niche, he did just this.

Just look where the brand is today.

By knowing the pain points, wants, and needs of his target group of buyers, Phil was able to make a more intimate solution tailored around them.

This is why I speak so much about branding yourself as the authority of a smaller compartment within a niche.

The proof is in the pudding.

… in this case the sweet tea. 🙂

There are plenty of others that have also had massive success by following this structure as well.

I truly believe this has been what’s separated the boys from the men.

The ones that follow the road less traveled will have an easier time getting to the finish line than those that take the crowded highway of life.

Doing what everyone else is doing will hinder your success more than help.

Besides building duck calls, the duck men are great at being themselves, no matter how strange that sometimes may be.

Just look at Si.

From the show’s beginning he’s shown off his crazy personality and as different and out there as it may be, look at what a hit it’s made on most of the viewers.



His personality has made quite the connection with people because he’s not afraid to be himself.

If the cast acted generic and scripted instead of like them true selves, there’s a possibility that the show wouldn’t be where it is today.

Stop giving a quack and don’t be afraid to act like your true self.

With this you will need to let faith serve as motivation.

The road to success can feel long at times and our faith is one of the greatest assets we possess to persevere.

Along with his higher faith, Phil must of had a lot of it in himself as well to sit in a shed day after day and carve out duck calls.

Faith can help you through some of your toughest times along with always staying positive.

… another great one of the great qualities about the Robertson clan.

No matter what situation they encounter, they always remain positive.

Your dominating thoughts will eventually manifest themselves in the form of action.

If you maintain positive thoughts, you will maintain faith and a higher belief in yourself and your own success.

When any negative ones come to mind, be like Uncle Si and “sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea.”

Be the best version of you that you can be.

Torri Thompson


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