What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Interaction on Facebook


Facebook can be your one-stop mega mart for interaction and shares on your content once you start to think outside the box.

Everyone and their cousin’s mom are on Facebook, which means that’s where most bloggers and marketers migrate daily to position themselves.

That being said, you should strive to be different and stand out as much as you possibly can. Facebookers are becoming more immune to shady tactics and spam, and I’m certainly not talking about the kind that comes in a can.

The days of flooding groups with your offer and sending 100 friend request a day are long gone. Creating engagement and sharing value is what matters the most now, so the more you do this the different and attractive you will become.

Without further ado, here are some helpful hints for creating interaction on Facebook and using this as leverage to build your brand.

*Note: These practices will be much more effective if you have an attractive profile filled with tidbits from your life and keep active on Facebook.

This will help people connect with you easier and make it easier to build relationships by showing them that you’re a real person.

 #1: Let People Take a Peak In Your Life


You don’t have to get to personal, but sharing stories and lessons from your life can be a great natural way to let people in on who your are.

These will help tap into the emotions of your viewers and even make them feel more of a connection to you, which is an awesome way to attract more followers.

What’s even better is tying a story or experience you had in with a topic from your niche. This rocks because it resonates better with your target audience, which means laser targeted leads.

 #2: Give Advice

One of the most sure fire ways to attract people is by offering advice that will help them solve a problem they’re having.

If you post like this in groups you will stand out without a doubt because it’s the exact opposite of what most marketers are doing.

If you learn something that’s worth sharing with others then do just that. Don’t hoard all of your knowledge.

Something I re-learned today was on the subject of video marketing so a cool Facebook post would look like:

Grow Your Business Through Video: 5 Ways to Sell Better In Videos

1.) Immediately Grab Attention
2.) Provide Social Proof
3.) Offer value that won’t matter unless they complete an action
4.) Give a personal example through story.
5.) Have a strong call to action


A great benefit is becoming branded as a helpful source of information and build a lot more trust with your readers.

It will also help people connect with you easier and make it easier to build relationships by showing them that you’re a real person.

 #3: Make Friends With Value

You should be networking on a frequent basis, which means getting to know others in your niche and forming relationships with them.

When you receive friend requests or send them out yourself, always try to send the person a quick message thanking them and even getting to know them a little better.

If they’re in your niche, offer them a helpful tip or strategy that has worked for you. This is SO different from the average pitch towards the end of most marketers conversions. I can’t lie though, I used to do this myself and now that I look back I want to kick my own butt. 🙂

 #4: Pic a Lick

People spend hours staring at Facebook every day and love it when something creative catches their eye. Their more than likely bored at work and need something interesting to pass the time.

IMG_3044When choosing a picture to post you’re goal is to trigger emotion whether it be happy, inspirational, motivational, surprise, hope, reassurance, etc.

Emotion induces people to take action, so your image should mirror the action you want people to take.

Are you trying to get them subscribe, like, share, comment, or even join your tribe? No matter what you choose just make sure it grabs people’s attention faster than cheetah on Viagra.

Posting funny videos, or your own videos in groups that relate to the the topic is also a great way you can utilize to trigger emotion.

 #5: Express With Quotes

From my experience with sharing quotes on both Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for about 5 months now has worked like a charm and gotten me more likes, shares, and followers than before.


People can really connect with quotes because they:

a.) Trigger an emotional response

b.) Make people feel good

c.) Empower people to want to be better

 #6: Utilize Your Content

Like I’ve already mentioned too many times, you need to give out some sort of value if you want to grab people’s attention.

If you’ve got a hot blog post you can take the best snippets from it and recycle it into a mini blog post under an attractive image in a Facebook post.

People often times don’t want to leave Facebook because they’re playing Farmville, chatting with friends, or looking at pictures of cats doing back-flips.

However, giving them that on page value can really grab attention  After the it’s more natural to leave a link to one of your capture pages at the bottom in exchange. It will also be easier and more comfortable for them to want to give you their info.


No matter how you decide to market on Facebook, make sure your main focus is providing value and building relationships with your visitors.

I know I have preached a lot about building relationships but it’s just that important. Facebook has a fountain of potential targeted leads you can tap into when you know how to gain people’s trust.

The more you build a Facebook presence, the more you will attract people that want know more about what you do and how you could possibly help them.

 What kind of Facebook marketing strategies have worked the best for you?


There are tons of strategies for marketing on Facebook, but with the huge amount of marketers utilizing it, it can be hard to know what’s been overdone and what still works well.

I’d love to hear which ones are still working for you so feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Torri Thompson

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