Why 99% Of People Fail in Internet Marketing

It’s no secret that that online marketing has one of the highest failure rates of industries everywhere.

99 percent to be exact.

You could say the people that actually succeed are like the doctors and lawyers of the online world.

So what’s the cause of this plague?

failingmarketersOne word: Action

Most people for some reason just don’t take action.

Think of people you know that are successful. How do you think they got where they are today?

Hmmm….looks like they took some kind of massive action.

Whether it was studying their butts off to get in med or law school or rehearsed for a role until they dropped dead, these people consistently took action to get what they wanted.

Despite their fears, roadblocks, and failure, they never gave up until they reached the end.

You know what’s awesome though… at any given moment you can make a decision to switch sides.

To move across the line from being a 99 percenter to a 1.

Now instead of continuing to preach to you like Tony Robbins would, I’m going to actually turn it over to Tony himself.

This is one of the most p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l videos I have ever seen and what made it explode was the fact that it addresses why so many internet marketers fail.


I know you’re probably busy and might not have 38 minutes to spare to indulge in this amazing video, here are some of the most powerful takeaways.

The main reason people don’t take action results from fear. 

Fear of success, failure, looking stupid, taking action, what other people will think…

They may be pumped up to get started one day and then a few days later want to give up.

When people first hear the idea of making money on the internet, it sounds like a dream come true. They see the potential of making tons of money but stay too distracted by that instead of focused on the work involved.

Therefore, the treat internet marketing like it’s a hobby and not a business, so aren’t fully committed which makes it that much easier to give up.

It’s all about finding your purpose… discovering why you want to make money on the internet.

This is what will drive you to push through and start taking things more seriously.

Purpose backed by emotion will drive you to do things you never thought you could do.

So instead of some hobby that you only feel like working on half the time, you begin to feel compelled every day to take action towards your goals because you have a powerful reason for doing so.

From there it becomes easier to break through your fears and become committed to pushing yourself every day.

Master your why by following through and conditioning your mind daily so that you don’t even risk going back to your old ways.

Get in a state of certainty and believe like nobody’s business that you can have whatever you want in life as long as you’re willing to take massive action to get it.


I hope you enjoyed the video and will take Tony’s advice to heart.

The faster you begin to understand this, the faster you can get your own mind on track to do things you never thought you could do.

I would love to hear your takeaways from the video as well, or even from the ones I listed above. Or you could just give this post a like and a share. 😉

Well, until next time take care!

Torri Thompson


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