The Essential Guide for Finding Your Target Market


Finding your target market can help you find it easier to create a presence in the over-crowded world of blogging.

What I mean is that while tons of bloggers are bumping heads to rank for keywords like weight loss, credit repair, and make money online, you can take a different approach and see results much faster.

By narrowing down niches like the ones I just mentioned, you can position yourself as an authority of a much smaller niche instead of wasting time competing against the big boys & girls.

The idea is to scale down a niche as much as possible, then tailor your blog specifically around the wants and needs people are having within this niche.

Resonate your content with their pain points, answer questions they’re looking for, and speak the lingo of the niche.

As humans, we like to feel important and doing this will make it seem as though you are speaking directly to them.

The more you can narrow this down the better, as it will be easier for you to gain authority.

So how exactly do you narrow one of these broad niches down into a much smaller niche?

Breaking Down a Niche

It’s important that you choose a niche that you are interested in, rather something that you will love writing about.

You then need to find a solution to your target audiences problems.

Since I was using Internet Marketing as example earlier, I’ll keep it rolling with that and we will use the Internet Lifestyle Network as a solution for my target audience.

For example, let’s say you’re a teacher and you are trying to earn money from home, and want to use ILN as the vehicle that will help you start driving in enough income to start working from home.

Now, a product like the Internet Lifestyle Network could be marketed to almost anybody.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make money on the internet, right?

This is where your teaching skill come in and can be used to market to a smaller, more targeted group of people.

You already know their pain points, their lingo, and what they experience on a daily basis, and can inject this emotion into your content, making it easier for them to like and trust you.

With that in place, we need to see if make more money as a teacher is a keyword that people are actively searching for.


Right away, Google lets me know that people are searching for this phrase and more (as seen in the picture).

Why is that relevant?

Because Google is designed for user experience, it’s not going to suggest a word of phrase that people aren’t searching for.

Using a little bit of brainstorming, we can decipher what other kinds of phrases people are looking up as well, like:

… teachers make money online 

… teachers make extra money online 

…ways to make money as a teacher

I think you get the idea.

And unlike what other marketers will say, you don’t need to worry about these phrases and keywords having a high search volume (more on that during Keyword Research).

As long as Google shows that people are actively searching for them, you will be good to go.

Since you’re structuring your blog around a very specific pocket of people it’s not going to take as many to earn a decent income.

And with an opportunity like ILN, doing this will help you stand out among the thousands of other “Internet Lifestyle Network” cheerleaders.

So, the angle you can use becomes: “Hey, I’m a teacher that was tired and frustrated until I learned to generate an income on the internet, and I can teach you to do the same thing in your spare time.”

With this method you will gain more credibility through teaching and won’t have to sell.

People will be attracted to your value and since they already trust you, will feel more comfortable buying because they won’t feel like they’re being sold.

Market Research

We’ve already discussed what you need to do to choose a target audience but to recap, make sure the niche is:

a.) Something you enjoy blogging about and will be able to stand doing so long term.

b.) Something you already know about or would be willing to learn about.

Once you decide on a niche, you need to learn as much as you can about your target audience.

Find out their wants, needs, problems, and desires.

Learn the types of questions they’re asking and what they need help with.

The best places to get a bigger scoop on your audience is through niche related forums and other websites related to your niche.

Simply type your niche with forum on the end and check out the top forums in your niche.

Still using the example, we would search for teachers earn money from home forum or even make money online forums for teachers.

 From here, go into these forums and take note of the types of questions people are asking, what kind of problems they’re experiencing, and so on.

Look for the troubles, struggles, and problems they’re having and use it to help you with adding massive value to your content.

Since we’re in the niche of teachers that want to make money online, we can also visit forums related to internet marketing.

Simply use the same procedure as before, only this time using internet marketing instead of teaching.


Even if you can’t always find people asking questions or for help with a problem, there will always be good ideas for blog content lying all over the forum.

Your overall goal is to know what your target market wants and help them get it by providing massive value tailor made for them.


Once you’ve got a list of ideas, it’s time to do some keyword research so we can know how to structure our blog posts.

Keyword Research

We’ve already talked about breaking down niches and where to find the kind of information people in those niches are looking for.

Now we need to know exactly which phrases they’re typing in so when we start writing, we have keywords to optimize the content around so it will show up in the search results.

In the example earlier, we used Google’s instant search feature to see if the phrases related to teachers making money online we’re being searched for.

That’s one good way to find keywords.

Another way is to dig through the Google Keyword Planner, yet instead of just typing in a keyword to check it’s search volume we want to dig around for more variations of it that then first ones we see at hand.

Let’s continue to use the teachers making money online niche as an example.

Using the keywords from Google’s auto-suggest feature, we can get an idea of how many people are searching for them every month.

After typing your keyword, select the Keyword Ideas tab to see your results.

Also, click the pencil icon to the right and change Broad match to Exact.


Some keywords will show a search volume and some won’t, even if Google did suggest them which is why it’s a good idea to not only rely on what it says.

These volumes are a rough estimate anyways and sometimes you can end up with more, or even less traffic than you thought you would have.

As I mentioned earlier, many bloggers will say that keywords with only a few hundred searches aren’t even worth you’re time to go after, but that’s another beautiful thing about this.

It leaves a lot more keywords open for the taking and gives me the chance of ranking quicker because they already have low search volume AND nobody else is targeted them.

Looks like a win-win situation to me. 😉

If you want your blog posts to rank quicker, you should write and optimize them around these low hanging fruits.

Once you start ranking for multiple lower volume keywords, level up by targeting ones in the low thousands.

Rinse and repeat and pretty soon you will have mixed your own formula for an authority blog.

If you want more information about keyword research, click here and here.

Market Yourself

Now that you have a better idea about finding your target market, it’s time to take action and start the process of getting in front of your audience.

I would highly recommend starting a blog, as you can create content that helps out your audience with their problems while teaching them something.

That way you only have to explain the process once and can direct people to it time and time again.

Now that’s what I call leverage.

Along with building a blog you need to have a stream of traffic running to it.

And believe it or not, you should spend more time sending traffic to your blog instead of writing on it.

Not only do you need traffic though, it needs to be targeted, rather consist of people that are already interested in what you’re offering.

This it the traffic that will be most likely to convert for you so you need to find a unique way to compel them.

Instead of spamming affiliate links in blog posts and directly telling people to buy, overwhelm them with so much value that they feel as though they owe you something in return.

Whether it be joining your list or even your business opportunity, they will feel more comfortable because you gave them something instead of asking them for something in return.

If you focus on helping people more than you focus on yourself than you will end up further, faster.

The best formula for doing this is to Learn, Do, Teach.

Learn something about your niche

Do – apply what you learned

Teach it back to your audience by writing a blog post or shooting a video

After a few months of putting all of this into action you should be a marketing master.

Word of advice, consistency will be your best friend along the way.

Those that stay consistent always win.

Now that I’ve gone all Tony Robbins on ya, I think it’s time to put this convo to an end.

See ya next time friends!

Torri Thompson

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