Flush Out the Mind Mush

I’m baaaaaaaaack…

And it’s become a pretty obvious fact that I haven’t posted frequently on this blog (as planned), and definitely a fact that I’m not proud to say.

I have continuously gone through periods where I’m absolutely pumped to write and others when I can barely put together two sentences in a valuable and attractive piece of content.

Sometimes even used to feel as though I had been knocked unconscious and forgotten everything learned in my time online.

Or even drowning in my fearful thoughts of not contributing unique value within my niche.

Maybe you can relate.

Maybe you’re in the same boat and are looking for a different direction to float.

It’s time to take over as captain and steer the journey to a successful blogging paradise.

Change in Mindset Equals Change in Movement



 My blog hasn’t been the only thing suffering since I began to neglect it like an old toy that I grew tired of months ago.

One of the biggest reasons my blog started to slip off the face of the planet was because my mindset slipped.

I started to get lazy with posting and it eventually stopped all together.

It became mentally draining to keep failing to stick to commitments I had made to myself. The more I put them off the harder it became to pick them back up again.

It got to a point where I wasn’t reading, writing, listening to audio, learning, marketing, just literally doing nothing for my blog for almost 3 months.

I’ve come to realize how really true it is that you lose something if you don’t use it.

In the time I wasn’t blogging, reading, or listening to audio I felt like my mind was slowly turning to mush.

It took some time to realize that these small actions made a big difference in my attitude and how I handled situations in life.

I wasn’t stimulating my mind my positivity and it was starting to show. Negative thoughts began to return more and more which drained my self-confidence and energy that I should have been putting into my business.

There comes a time though when you have to decide if the pain of staying where you are is more painful than pursuing change, and that time came after going through another depression all through the weeks leading up until Christmas.

After a much needed change in environment on a trip to visit my family in South Carolina I had a lot of time to think and made a great decision to toughen up and move forward no matter what.

You gotta be tough to play in the competitive game of online marketing and let’s be honest, it’s a jungle out there.

Survival of the fittest.

With a strong mind, sufficient self-confidence, strong work ethic, good communication & persuasion, high quality content, and a little sugar and spice, you will have the tools you need to have a competitive edge.

If you’re the type of person I was talking about earlier, kinda like how I recently was, you may be lacking in some of these areas and it’s showing in your creative ability at the moment.

In my experience I have identified a few ways to start making changes to these situations and most importantly, shock the life back into your mind and blog.

#1. Change Your Environment

Sometimes all it takes is a simple change in your environment to better your mood and the way you think, even if it’s just a matter of moving from your office to patio or living room to work. Small changes can make a bigger difference than you may think.

Taking some time to exercise, go for a walk, play sports, or do something else you enjoy is a great way to let loose and relax your mind, which can in turn generate cooler ideas.

I’ve gotten some great ideas for blog posts while taking nature pictures at a local state park on a beautiful day.

Changing your environment can change your results.

#2. Read, Write, & Listen

Like I was saying earlier, when I wasn’t reading, writing, or listening to motivational audio daily I felt like my mind was turning into mush.

There’s an obvious difference in my blog behavior if I haven’t had my dose of reading that day, meaning the ideas just didn’t flow the same.

I’ve learned that these three are the golden trio that can help pave the way to new heights with your blog.

Now when I saw read and listen to audio, I mean some kind of personal development piece that will inspire positive thinking.

The most helpful books I have read by far that I would suggest that anyone and everyone read are Think and Grow Rich, The Success Principles, and the Laws of Success.

The last two are a bit lengthy but totally worth the investment of your time.

As for audio, you can check out cool vids by inspirational artists like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas, and even celebs like Will Smith.

These dudes pack motivation with a punch and give you a stronger hunch that you will have great success with your blog.

#3. Learn Daily

This one kind of ties in with number two but I think it deserves a slot of its own.

If you aren’t learning then you will most likely run out of blog topics, and fast.

Learning daily will help you stay on top of your game and stay sharp among your competitors. As a bonus you will feel more confident in all aspects of your life.

The better you feel about yourself, the easier it becomes to create blog posts and tap into your inner creativity.

#4. Exercise

Speaking of feeling better about yourself, exercising can be obviously be beneficial as well.

The release of endorphins can relax you with a more natural sense of happiness, making it easier to constantly think positive.

I know that just the thought of exercise is enough to make some people cringe, but if you start doing it enough it can become something your body actually craves.

Even just putting in five minutes a day at first is better than nothing, and that’s honestly all that I have been doing for now.

After moving at a moderate pace on my elliptical for 5 minutes straight I really do feel great.

Don’t knock it before you try it, it really does help.

#5. Relax and Reward

If you need a little convincing before getting started creating content, try setting up some kind of reward system for yourself.

Choose something that will compel you to take action and see the task all the way through.

Whether it be a jumbo cup of coffee, slice of pie, getting to watch your favorite t.v. show, or even a nice drive, reward yourself for taking action.

On top of the sweet deal you have in line with yourself, you also begin to develop the skill of writing blog posts quicker.

Depending on how bad you want the reward you will be motivated to get the task done to reap the benefits.

In the time I have put these ideas into practice, I have seen a noticeable difference in the way I think I handle situations in life.

It’s all about your mindset and the thoughts that constantly dominate your mind.

When your mind turns to mush then it’s time to change the way you think in a rush, or you’re in for one heck of a ride.

Our minds are the only thing that we have 100% control over so it’s 100% up to us to make the best of the way we think.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that you truly are what you think.

If you take away anything from this post today I would like for it to be that.

If you want to be a happier person then bombard your mind with positive thoughts. It’s really as easy as that.

I’m not going to lie, it can be extremely hard in the beginning. But like anything else, it will get easier with practice.

When negative thoughts pop into your mind simply dismiss them by basically telling them to go away.

[In your mind of course.]

It may sound silly, but it’s something I do whenever negative thoughts pervade my mind.

Promise not to laugh 😉 It works.

I basically stop each though from going into detail by addressing it when it pops into my mind. I just say:

“There is no room for you in here.”

If it doesn’t go away, I get a little more aggressive and demand that it get out.

This sounds pretty weird but it’s proven to work. I am so much more laid back and less stressed out than I used to be.

Change can happen in an instant and all it takes is a decision to be happy and not accept the presence of negative thoughts.

I hope that these tips may benefit you as much as they have benefited me so far.

Feel free to share your experiences in a comment below and drop me a like.

Stay positive,

Torri Thompson


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