9 Fantasticly Free Traffic Sources for Your Blog Posts

IMG_5116In the real world, traffic is something we pretty much all despise. In the online world, it’s one of those things most of us can’t get enough of.

Pretty funny, huh?

Without traffic, our sites may as well be non-existent unless of course you’re just blogging for funsies.

It’s basically the lifeblood of your blog and decides whether it will be healthy and growing with visitors, or lifeless and left to ‘die’.

Which means one of the main tasks you should be focusing on with blogging is driving as much traffic as you can.

And what better way to do this than with free traffic sources?

Here are 9 friendly vehicles that in my experience have helped with driving more traffic to my blog posts.

 #1: Facebook Groups

You probably already had a feeling I would say this one, didn’t you. 🙂

With over 4 billion active users on Facebook and tons of groups and fan pages related to our niche, it would seem a little crazy to not tap into that mega source of traffic…if we do it right.

What I mean is that obviously many other bloggers are taking advantage of Facebook but posting affiliate links with their content or just being spammy in general. There’s no real value being provided and after a while it all starts to just blend in.

It works best to take a few hilights from one of your blog posts and essentially turn it into a ‘mini’ blog post. Spice it up with an attractive picture and call of action at the end that directs them to your original blog post if they want the full amount of information.

The overall value and fact that you aren’t pitching anything will make people more likely to click through to continue reading your post. When people don’t feel forced to do something they are more likely to follow through. Talk about helping yourself stand out.

Take the post and place it in anywhere from 15-50 groups, remembering to switch up your description each time. Just don’t post to too many groups in a day to avoid being thrown in ‘Facebook jail.’

#2: Youtube

I know we’re talking about blog posts, but recording a video around your post can bring in bushels of extra traffic you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Many people would rather watch a video than read these days so it’s important to cover your target market from different angles.

Now I know that there are some people that aren’t so cool with the idea of speaking on camera, but the good news is that you really don’t have to. Instead you could use a Powerpoint presentation or hire someone else so make you one on Fiverr. It’s really best to put yourself out there though so people can see that the person they’re listening to is real.

Include a detailed description about the content in your video, almost making it like a mini blog post. Smack down some of your hottest tips from the post and give them a reason to want to click through to read the rest.

#3: Forums

You’ll hear lots of people say that using forums to get traffic is outdated but au contraire, it’s still one of the hottest places your target market is hanging out


People visit forums to have conversations and seek advice from like-minded people, giving you a paradise of laser targeted traffic for your blog.

Create a piece of content of interest and value and share it on a forum in your niche. Forums typically have thousands of users online at a time so your content will be exposed to a large chunk of people.

The more you interact and build your profile the more trust you will build with the community so be sure to participate in threads and help out other people.

#4: Google Communities

Google is chock full of groups of people that like to hang out and discuss their interests. There are groups out there for everything from rabbits to people with bad habits.

Anyways, it’s overall a great place to meet other people in your niche an contribute to your network. Plus, it’s a GRRRREAT place for your content to gather likes and shares.

Join around 5-10 communities at first and start participating by liking other people’s posts, commenting, and sharing on your other social networks.

When it’s your time to share something these people will more than likely reciprocate by doing the same for you.

It’s a win-win situation for all.

#5: Email

With email you’ve already got a number of potential visitors on hand and ready to read what you have to say. I mean, they already like what you have to say or else they probably wouldn’t have subscribed to your list, right?

When you have created a terrific piece of content you feel is worth sharing, don’t be afraid to send it out to your list.

Sending them value as opposed to frequent offers is a great way to nurture your relationship with your list and make them some of your biggest fans.

Treat them right, and you will always have traffic at the push of a few buttons.

#6: IBOtoolbox

IBO is a community for small business owners to network, post helpful content, and like, share, and promote the content of others. Even sweeter, it’s a place people looking for join a business opportunity come to check out information.

Like the Google + communities and Facebook groups mentioned earlier, interaction on this platform can really pay off. People will begin to recognize you and be more willing to share your content.

With this platform you’re allowed to post 2 articles a day; Authentic content or copied and pasted from the original source. The ability to post authentic content is great since IBO is such a well trafficked site, so your content will have an opportunity to be ranked in the search engines. (depending on amount of visitors it gets and your on-page optimization)

There are thousands of people on the box at all hours of the day so there’s always ideal eyeballs to put your content in front of.



#7: Pinterest

People absolutely love Pinterest and have a hard time getting off of it. I like to call these people Pindicts…ha. This means there’s always plenty of people to get your content in front of.

Create boards that reflect your interests and one for the posts from your blog. When you pin a picture from your blog a link will be included and pinners will be taken to your blog.

Just like the other social sites we discussed, you should become active in the community and share pins that reflect your personality. After all, people want to get to know real people. 

Add a link to your blog in the description of your profile and once you start attracting other pinners and building a following, people will start visiting your site. Also, having a cool description can make people wonder what your website is all about.

I’ve noticed that the more I pin and follow people, the more traffic I’m steadily starting to get from Pinterest.


#8: Instagram

Instagram is another place you can publish a photo from your blog or even short video outlining the post. You can also do like I mentioned with Facebook and write a mini blog post or story that describes what you’ve got going.

Best of all, you can use hashtags to describe your content which will make it easier and quicker for people to find you.

Once you build a following it will be a creative new way to let them know you have new content published.

#9: Content Communities

Also like the communities and groups mentioned earlier, these communities are full of people that share their content and vote/ comment on that of others, kind of like Digg.

Interact, be social, and contribute to earn your spot and when you have something so say people will return the favor.

Here are some of the best sites you can get started with:











Some of these methods may seem slightly time consuming but the truth is that time is money and you are going to have to give one or the other if you want to be successful with your blog, and that’s not likely to happen without traffic.

When applied consistently, these strategies can be highly effective and even cooler, duplicated by anyone willing to try.

Invest a little bit of time into doing this each day and you should be well on your way to a highly populated blog within the next few months to come.

So what did I miss?

 There are TONS of great platforms out there that will bring in blog traffic for free, it’s just a matter of taking the time to look for and utilize them.

If you’ve had great results with any of these sites or ones of your own, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Keep it sunny until next time,

Torri Thompson

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