How to Find a Niche That Flips the Profit Switch


Learning how to find a niche with shallow competition can be a powerful asset to your online marketing career.

It’s quicker, easier, and just plain simple compared to throwing yourself in a large ocean with many bigger fish.

Many people waste too much time diving into deep waters when there is plenty of room open in the shallow end.

To reiterate what you may have heard a hundred times before, niches lead to riches. 

Targeting a smaller niche that you are passionate about will more likely yield quicker results than targeting something more broad that would cost a lot of time, money, and frustration.

It becomes easier to hone in on who you’re writing for and is and to identify what your content should be created around to help with their wants, needs, and problems.

You can handle this.

Think of something you would be good at creating content around and something you can commit to sticking to for a long time.

Before you make your final decision, you may want to take the following questions into consideration.

#1.  Are there people actually searching within the realms of this niche?

Head over to the Google keyword planner and type in a few keywords relating to your niche. If you aren’t used to the keyword planner yet, check out my short guide on how to do keyword research.

Search volumes don’t have to be super high for a niche to be profitable. Actually, the smaller number of searches the better, and more opportunity for you to solo out the niche.

Many people think that just because there’s a low number of searches there’s no potential. Let em go’, this just means there are a lot of open niches out there for the taking, you just may have to dig a little deep.

#2.  How much competition is out there?

Competition doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but you are more likely to see quicker results when there’s not too much of it.

You can usually figure out the first part to this equation with the keyword planner while you’re checking out how much search volume a niche is getting. The tool will literally tell you if the competition is low, medium, or high.

For the second half , select a keyword you want to rank for and type into Google search. If the majority of the first page results show that same keyword in the title, permalink, and description, it has a bit of competition.

#3.  Are there ways to profit from this niche?

I’ m a cat lover and think it’s cute to look at pictures of them, but would I take the time to make a blog around them?

Unless it was just for funsies, then probably not.


There’s not much you can do to profit from this site except maybe earn from ads once you started getting thousands of visitors per month, which is not very quick or practical.

Choose a niche that offers affiliate programs or products that you can tap into buyer keywords for. There are affiliate sites out there for mostly every niche from weight loss to dating sites to even porn sites.

Don’t ask me how I know that.

People get on the internet every day to buy all sorts of things. All you have to do is position yourself where they can find you, build trust, provide value, and you will be on your way to profit.

The more narrow you get, the easier it will be to set yourself up as an authority.

Once you find a niche that fits your whits, you need to take some time to perform market research.

I’ve been talking a lot about knowing exactly who you’re writing for and what they want.

You know their pain points, needs, desires, questions, concerns, and burns, basically the stuff they worry about that keeps them awake at night.

This helps you to structure your blog around them, giving you instant credibility. Your readers will feel as though you’re writing just for them, and building relationships will no longer be a thing.

You will also gain instant clarity and direction towards what you should be creating content about.

Take the example of a new friend, Elisabeth whom I met at a company event. After talking for a while I found out that she was a stay at home mom wanting to starting a blog around moms that homeschool.

This is a pretty ideal niche so far and Elisabeth could really present this angle well thanks to her experience. People can relate to her more because she will be speaking their kind of lingo, speaking niche slang, and identifying with them.

With all of this in common, the whole experience will be smooth instead of salesy and it will feel as though Elisabeth is helping them instead of pitching.

It’s truly a win-win situation all around.

Before we get to excited, we need to check to see if there is any demand for the search and how we can angle it to profit.

how to find a niche

 One good indication that this is a good search is that Google spits out the phrase before I can even complete it, as you can see above.

Google isn’t going to complete sentences that aren’t actually being searched for, but instead those that are being searched for often.

This doesn’t have to mean that the competition will be fierce but if it is and you are just starting out, you may want to consider trying to narrow your niche down even further.

Kind of like what Elisabeth will be doing.

So instead of going after a more sought after niche like “work at home moms” she will be narrowing it down to a smaller pouch of people with less competition and more demand for authority like “homeschool mom blog.”

As you can see from the comparisons below, the second option is proof positive that breaking down niches is the better way to go.

finding a niche

The cool things is that it doesn’t matter how low the search volume of these terms is since they are targeted words and phrases people are actively searching for as a solution.

For this example, I was able to find some other low competition keywords that she could start targeting content around to get ranked for quickly.

… moms blog

… moms making money

… homeschool mom

… homeschool mom blog

… homeschooling mom

… homeschool moms

… homeschool mom blogs

.. homeschooling mom blogs

… homeschool family

… homeschool blog

… why homeschool

The fact that she’s an actual homeschooling mom that works from home becomes her special angle that separates her from the many other Empower Network bloggers out there.

Her writings can reflect her actual experiences and she can speak to her niche in relatable “mommy terms” and homeschool lingo.

See how much easier that works?

Targeting a smaller compartment will make it easier to pay more attention to her ideal prospects wants and needs.

And if she happens to need a little help herself along the way she can always refer to other blogs, websites, and social groups & pages that are relevant to her niche.

After performing a simple Google search I was able to come across some excellent blogs for the mommy money homeschooling niche.

Two of the more established ones I found, The Mommy Mess and the Work at Home Homeschooling Mom, would be great for building relationships with other bloggers and of course the blog owners themselves.

Elisabeth could drop a few genuine comments over time and join in on conversations that are already taking place with in thread.

The value she provides over time will spark interest in other readers and they will start to wonder where it’s originating from.

All while branding herself instead of Empower Network and becoming the big brain of her niche.


It will be easier to profit this way with less traffic, leads, and effort.

Bigger doesn’t always have to mean better.

Stop chasing broad terms like everyone else and focus more on what’s out there for the taking right now.

If you choose something you’re great at and take consistent and focused action it will be hard to miss.

So put the blinders on a keep consistent and focused.

And remember to do your homework: Know exactly who you’re writing for, what it is they want and need, and how you’re going to position yourself in front of them as the ultimate solution.

Before creating any kind of content…

Before any kind of blog promotion…

Before capturing leads, marketing, or anything else…

Know who your freakin’ target market is.

It will be the single greatest homework you have ever done.


Niche Blogger,

Torri Thompson

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