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How to Promote a Blog Post With a Kick



Learning how to promote a blog post effectively was something I seriously struggled with when I first got started with blogging.

The idea of posting what I wrote on Facebook for my friends and family to see bothered me and the thought of spending a few hours promoting it seemed to get to me even more.

Not only that, but I was unclear in the first place about where I should even be promoting my content in the first place.

Maybe you’re floating in the same boat.

Maybe you aren’t too confident with your content, don’t feel like putting it out there, or just aren’t sure where to start kind of like I was in the beginning.

Either way the feeling is frustrating, but it doesn’t have to last any longer.

Throw on your scuba gear and prepare to jump overboard.

It’s time to dive right in to the best ways to promote a blog.

Come on in, the water is fine.

Social Media Mania

It’s hard to come across anyone these days that doesn’t have an account on at least one of the popular social media sites out there.

Even my grandma spends some time kickin’ it on Facebook.

Never saw that one coming…

Anyways, with social media growing to into the giant it’s become today it would be crazy to not use it to promote blog content.

Start by hitting the social share buttons that you should already have installed on your blog. They should look something like this.


If you aren’t sure how to get these you can check out a detailed guide for installing WordPress plugins here.

I have found that Floating Social Bar works the best.

Besides using this plugin you can of course manually post your content as well.

Add it to your own wall or profile, groups and communities related to your topic, or your fan page on Facebook.

Like it, pin it, tweet it, plus G it.

Click what you need to do for people to be able to see.

You also want to dig, stumble, and make your content delicious.

In other words, you want to be sharing it on social bookmarking sites as well.

These sites can bring some great traffic back to your site, of course with catchy valuable content.

See the top 100 social bookmarking sites if you need ideas for where to bookmark your content at.

Start bookin, good lookin.

Spread the Love, Recycle Your Content

One of the greatest skills I have learned as a content marketer is how to reuse your content in various ways and spread it further across the web.

By reuse I mean try the following transformations with your content:

  • Shoot a video on the topic and upload it to Youtube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo.
  • Rewrite the content and post it to another blog site like WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly, & Blogger.
  • Rewrite snippets from the original post and make mini posts on sites like Slideshare and IBOtoolbox.
  • Transform the content into a press release and post for free on PRLog.

Throw a link back to your main site in each piece of content and you will be building backlinks easy as 123.


Groovy flashback, man.

… All randomness aside,

Repurposing your content is a great way to blanket the internet with your content and be everywhere in regard to your niche.

For example, I may write a blog post around a certain keyword but it may not rank for a while because of the keyword’s competition. If I repurpose the content into let’s say a slide for Slideshare or a relevant video to stick on Youtube, it will have a chance of ranking faster because of the amount of traffic visiting those sites.

Naturally include a link back to the original blog post and not only are you building backlinks, but you’re showing up in more than one place for one or several keywords.

Don’t ya think this would make you look pretty credible?

I dig deeper into this topic during my content syndication series if you would be interested in hearing more. 


Much like how you send the ball through space in the popular video game from the 80s, a ping sends out a signal to web servers that your blog content has been updated.

In modern talk, pinging your blog post link will let the search engines know that your site has new content, dude.

Your link will be shared on several sites (the number depends on the service you use) which will in turn drive traffic back to your site.

In my experience, Pingler and PingMyURL have worked the best.

Simply throw your blog’s URL and RSS feed link into the provided spaces on the site and with one click of the mouse your blog will be sent into hyperspace.

Oh, and an important reminder… don’t ping your blog unless you have posted new content or made any updates or else your site will start reeking of spam.

Just stay cool with the pinging tool.

Be consistent and be everywhere.

And most importantly, don’t forget to be different.

Anybody can use these strategies to promote a blog so you have to shake things up a bit and cram in your personal style.

Take your content the extra mile.

It will all be worth it in the end.

The question now is, will you make it there?

See ya at the finish line.

Torri Thompson


  1. says

    Hi Torri,

    Thanks for the reminder to recycle my content. Creating content and getting the word out is a big job. We need to be as efficient as possible. Leveraging the work we’ve already done is certainly a step in the right direction.

    – Cole

  2. says

    Hi Torri,
    Its true that many sail in the same boat on how to promote there content and as you said social media like Facebook does help in increasing our engagement to our blog. Thanks for giving information on the pinging tools, will try out on my next blog posts. But regarding social bookmarking it is not working in a good way as it used to work earlier with some sites like Digg which only shares some big blog’s articles but omits small blogs like ours. But anyways your article points some good promotional methods. Even twitter works out well for some…

    • Torri Thompson says

      Thanks for the heads up, Vijesh. I don’t use social bookmarking too often anymore but it still works great for videos. Thanks for commenting.

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