WordPress Tutorial: How to Set Up WordPress on Your Blog

Setting Up WordPress on Your Blog


There are many people interested in starting their own blog but for some reason perceive it as a complicated thing to do.

Quite the contrary, WordPress can be installed in under 5 minutes leaving you more time to set up your new blog.

The set up is simple and can be done with the push of only a few buttons.

First, you are going to need:

Domain Name: The name you choose for your website and the URL that links to it. This can be purchased through a variety of services, however Godaddy has always worked best for me.

This can cost anywhere from $2.99 to $12.99 and up depending on how long you choose to register the domain for. Here is a recent list of coupons you can use for better deals and even a $0.99 domain.

Hosting: Your domain needs to be hosted somewhere so you should purchase a hosting package that will range anywhere from $3 to $15 and up per month, again depending on the level you choose.

Hostgator has been the best in my experience and I have honestly heard nothing but good things about it from other marketers I know as well. They are one of the cheapest services and have quick responding customer support.

Once you have purchased both of these items you are going to need to point your domain name to your hosting servers, which will something like this:

 You can locate your nameservers in your cPanel at the bottom of the left-hand screen (as featured above) or in the welcome email you receive from your hosting company.

Once armed with your nameservers, go back to your account with your domain provider and click on the domain you purchased.

You should see a category that says ‘Nameservers’ in your account information and proceed to click ‘manage nameservers.’


Make sure that you have ‘custom nameservers’ selected and then click on ‘add nameservers.’ From here simply add both nameservers in each slot and hit save.

It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the change to actually take place.

Once the connection is made you can move on to the WordPress installation.



Now that you have bought your domain name and hosting, you can jump into installing WordPress and setting up your site.


WordPress Set-Up Guide in 3 Easy Steps


1.) Login your cPanel (control panel) and scroll down to the software/services tab and select the Quick Install option.

You can find your cPanel login information in the welcome email from your hosting company.

2.) To the left you should will see a clickable link for WordPress, under the Blog Software tab.


3.) Choose the domain you would like you install WordPress on and fill out the rest of the information, as shown below.

You can use any email address but it’s ideal to use a brand new one that goes along with the name of your blog.


After hitting the install button it will only be a few more minutes until you become the proud owner of a sexy new blog to be.

Go check your email to retrieve your new auto-generated password so you can login and start getting set up.

The password will be something long like Vksnklgp34qw so be sure to change it to something you can actually remember before logging out.

You can do this by visiting the Users tab of your new blog.

If you would like to start a blog but don’t want to take the time to set up everything on your own I would be happy to show you where to find a blog platform that is ‘already set up for you.

There is no technical set up and you don’t need to know anything in advance about how a blog works except for how to blog on it and get noticed.

If you are into setting everything up yourself, that’s cool too and I hope that this post helped you out with the process. If so, don’t forget to like and share with others that you think could benefit as well.


Thanks for stopping by today!

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