How to Write Your First Blog Post: Gettin’ Jiggy With It

How to Write Your First Blog Post


 It can be kind of cold in the shadows of the internet’s better bloggers.

I mean let’s face it, if your content is stayin’ safe in the shade instead of shinin’ in the sun like the popular one’s, then you may be finding it hard to attract people to your work.

Grab your sunscreen and your hippest pair of shades cuz we’re going out to learn how to write your first blog post like the cool kids.

So by now you should already have a keyword in mind to jump start your blog with.

If you need help finding one I can help you out here.

First things first, add the keyword to the beginning of your title and then you can throw something else on the end to spice it up just like I did in the post you’re reading. 😉

You want to aim to make the keyword the very first word of your blog post but I know that may not always be user friendly.

The closer you can get it to the beginning, the better. Your description is one of the first things Google considers for sweet rankings.

Don’t shove your keyword down your reader’s throat. Google don’t play that game no mo’.

… ummm, in other words…

Don’t force your keyword just let it flow naturally. Shake it up a bit by using synonyms of your keywords as well.

Google really digs that.

Speaking of digging…

Let’s plow into getting started with your first blog post.

We need to whip out a few essentials first:

– A topic (niche) to write about.

– A list of keywords relevant to your niche

– A pouch of people in that niche to write for (target audience).

– A unique personality ( People aren’t looking for boring teachers they want impactful content reachers).

– Your favorite music & caffeine. ( You’d be surprised how creative you can get when you get these two together)

These things combined will help you create valuable content with a targeted end user in mind unlike the hundred of “me too” bloggers out there that want to talk about everything.

Now that you’ve got the essentials, we can move ahead and start gettin’ jiggy with it.

“Na, na, na, na, na, na, na……….na, na, na, na, na, na”

Like I was saying before we started to get our groove on, you need the essentials to create epic content that surpasses everyones elses.

You can find “me too” content almost anywhere, so your main job is to be different and the best in your niche.

You want your content to be so fly that it quickly catches your readers eye.

Now there’s no real “formula” for writing a blog post but there are a few guidelines that you can mix in with the basics.

Together these create the perfect cocktail for writing blog posts that will help your content rank well and help more people like, know, and trust you.

Pass me your glass and I’ll give you the necessary ingredients.

Well Structured Content

The first sentence or paragraph should let the reader know what the post is about. Use catchy titles and opening lines injected with your personality instead of something plain and generic.

If everyone is writing about the same thing, what makes you different?

Also, don’t force your keyword and make it obvious that you’re trying to rank. Write your content with the user experience in mind and go the extra mile to create that special ‘bang’ that others aren’t willing to.

Easy to Digest

As I mentioned above, people want to read cool content instead of something boring from a school teacher.

I was guilty of doing this in the beginning and to be blunt, my content sucked.

You have to give your readers what they want in the easiest way possible without being too wordy. I’ve learned that if you don’t have to extra words then don’t.

If you haven’t noticed, people don’t like reading as much anymore so make your content an easy but informative read. Use audio, pictures, and video for even easier consumption.

Custom Fit

Remember how I said you needed to have a specific “pouch” of people to write for?

This will make your life so much easier and one of the simple tweaks that make you different from the rest.

Tailoring your content to this smaller pouch of people will help your overall message resognate with them better because you know what they want, need, how they think, act, talk, feel..well you get the picture.

Sounds more logical, right?

Be Different

There aren’t many topics that haven’t been covered by one blogger or another so chances are you will never be the only person to cover them.

With that being said, how are you going to stand apart?

Let  your hair down and have some fun with your content…

Grab a Red Bull and make some whacky videos…

Listen to your favorite music while writing and get comfortable with yourself. Just write exactly how you would talk to your friends.The charm of your personality can make all the difference between you and your competitor’s content…

Stay consistent and you will already stand out more than your competitors. 

Be Interactive

Would you rather spend your time talking to a wall or an actual human-being?

That was a rhetorical question.

I mean, wouldn’t you rather read interactive content that makes you feel like the post was written for you instead of boring content that makes you feel like you’re just interacting with a wall?

Many bloggers don’t consider the wants, needs, desires, beliefs, opinions, problems of their reader and make the content more about ranking above everything else.

Your goal is to not be like the other bloggers though right, so make sure you can nail this on the head and you will be gravy.

I’ll bring the biscuits.

In the meantime, we’ve made it to the end and there’s not much left my friend.

All you need now is a call to action.

Your call of action will direct readers to like, share, tweet, and comment on your blog posts as well as provide a link to your squeeze page or another post of value.

If your blog post has just provided a mega dose of value I would say it’s safe to include a call of action at the end that directs them through a clickable link to your capture page.

Keep it classy and don’t add your capture page to every post. People will trust you quicker if they don’t feel like they’re trying to be sold to in every post you create.

Can you really blame them?

Don’t be annoying, be destroying with your killer blog posts.

You got this.

Keep gettin’ jiggy with it.

 Torri Thompson



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