How to Increase Blog Traffic | Traffic and Zombies and Vampires, Oh My!

 How to Increase Blog Traffic



If you don’t consume the content in this blog post, a zombie will consume you.


A vampire will find you and suck your blood.

increase blog traffic


Not really, but I got your attention and reading this far. 😉

Speaking of vampires……

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. It’s the key to getting eyeballs on your content and possibly entice people enough to join your cause. 

You need to drive traffic in order for anyone to ever see your content. I mean, there’s really no since in taking the time to create content if nobody is ever going to see it, right?

Cool, so let’s get down to discussing some free methods you can use to increase blog traffic..

Free Methods for Increasing Blog Traffic


1.) Social Media Sites

Each time you write a blog post you should be posting it to at least the biggest social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Linkedin.

The more sites you submit your post to the better, just as long as you change the title and description with each link.

To target a more specific audience, you can post your content in Facebook and Linkedin groups, and in the many different communities on Google. Simply search visit each site and search for groups or communities that are relevant to your niche.

To give you some ideas, if your niche was online marketing you could search for:

– Any groups with the phrase online marketing in the name

– Related Books

– Products

– Industry leaders or motivational speakers


2.) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are basically libraries of links that have been bookmarked into specific categories. Posting your link gives you a chance for people that are looking through that library to find your site. Like anything else online, consistency is key.

Most of the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon are nofollow links, but that’s fine because you should have a diverse link profile anyways.

There are still several bookmarking sites out there that are dofollow, it’s just a matter of taking the time to find them.

The look is definitely worth it though as most of these sites have a high PR (page rank) which is a great kind of dofollow link to have.


3.) IBOtoolbox

IBOtoolbox is a free platform and small community of like-minded online professionals. The site gets well over 150,000 visitors per day, most coming from the search engines.

With IBO, you are allowed to submit two press releases a day and in two possible ways. You can either copy and paste one of your blog posts onto their platform or write authentic content that can easily rank in the search engines because of the authority of the site you’re posting on.

As an even bigger bonus you get credits each time you create new content, comment on other people’s content, referring others, and advertising your business.

You can advertise using your earned credits and receive ten to a hundred clicks, all depending on how enticing your ad is. This is an awesome advantage to have for free! Did I mention that all of this exposure is free?

4.) Slideshare

This is a great way to get some eyeballs to your content fairly quick. Again, it depends on how attractive your content is and how much it draws people in. The site gets well over 50 million searches per month, which gives you ample possibilities for exposure.

All you have to do is convert your blog post to a doc. and submit it to a few of these sites. If you write you blog posts on your actual blog instead of in a document, simply copy and paste your post into a new Word document and you’re good. You could also take one or even a few of your blog posts and turn them into an ebook. Visit Zinepal to do this.

If you want to redirect readers back to your blog then just add a link through anchor text within your content.

5.) Empire Avenue

A stock market simulated social platform, Empire Avenue is another simple way to get some free traffic to your blog.

Once you reach a certain level (it doesn’t take long) you can create missions that pay people a virtual currency to do.

You could pay out a small percentage for people to visit your blog and click on some of the social share buttons, watch a video, leave a comment, or whatever. You get the idea.

Now I will admit that this doesn’t work as fast as it used to but it still works and that’s what matters.


6.) Blog Commenting

You may hear other marketers say that blog commenting is outdated but the fact is that it’s still alive and kickin.

Find blogs that are relevant to your niche and interact with other marketers, leaving genuine comments that don’t look spammy.

Many blogs will allow you to insert your link into the comment and if you’re providing value then your comment will most likely stay posted for every visitor to see.

7.) Facebook Fan Pages

 This concept is similar to blog commenting. Search for fan pages relevant to your niche and get involved in conversations that are already going strong.

Everyone that has already commented on the post will be notified when you comment as well.

Interesting and valuable comments will draw people back to your page and if your profile is set up right, they may click a link to your business.

8.) Facebook Notes

Yet again, another simple way to get some traffic to your blog. All you have to do is make a note out of some snippets from a blog post, quotes from a book, excerpts from a book, tips, etc and include a link back to your blog post or even lead capture page.

You can also post these in groups on Facebook along with or instead of blog posts. Either way, just remember to stay consistent.

9.) Vine

Vine is a creative app for the iPhone that allows you to create a short video. You could use this to your advantage for sure by giving a moving sneak preview that compels the viewer to click over to the actual content.

This is a great way to get an edge over other marketers because it’s something different and a lot of people aren’t doing it.

Vine is still a small community, but growing up fast. Sometimes it can be best to become more active in smaller communities because it can give you more of a chance to become an authority.

10.) Pinterest

Another very interactive community of users, Pinterest allows you to pin a piece of content to one of your own boards or a contributer board, which increases chances for exposure. You can use relevant hashtags for further exposure as well.

Increase Your Creativity to Further Increase Blog Traffic


Although these methods are pretty cool, there are always more creative ways out there that will increase your blog traffic.

You can always come up with creative ways on your own to market. Just because you don’t see other people using them doesn’t mean they aren’t good or right.

Part of becoming an effective marketer is to create your own innovative strategies and go above and beyond what everyone is doing.

As long as you’re taking action though, you can’t fail.

What’s your favorite free strategy for increasing blog traffic?


Until Next Time,


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