Niche Marketing Secrets: Niche Marketing For Dummies

Niche Marketing Troubles?


Are you having trouble finding people to read your content on the internet?

Do you suffer from working long hours without seeing hardly any results?

Don’t have consistent training to follow, but feel totally lost?

niche marketing


You may be experiencing a mild case of LMS, or lost marketers syndrome.

Many people get into marketing without a plan of action, often times because they aren’t even aware that they’re supposed to have one.

Constructing a plan, writing it down, and taking action upon it every day are 3 of the most crucial keys to having success online or really anything else you’re trying to achieve.

Of course, there are many things that need to be learned about marketing online before getting started and I have one of the big concepts to share with you today;The ultimate antidote for LMS.

Niche Marketing for Dummies


niche marketing

Now I’m not calling you a dummy so no need to get offended. This concept is so simple that even the newest of newbies can grasp it and start applying right away.

The idea of niche marketing is to target a market so specific that you can rank quicker for certain keywords (along with some SEO) and become the go to person in your niche.

The best way to do this by using the Google Keyword Planner and this neat little tool we all have called our brain.

The first thing you need to do is choose a topic that you would like to write about, and will continue to enjoy writing about for some time. It should be something you already know quite a bit about or something that you don’t mind using your spare time to learn about.

Just keep in mind that in order to be successful you need to stay consistent, so if you think you will get bored then you should probably go with something else.

If you can absolutely, positively cannot come up with a topic you could consider hot items that have made the the What’s hot lists on Alexa, Google. and Yahoo or even the Amazon best sellers list. I will warn you though, a lot of these items will most likely have higher competition so it’s just best to choose an overall niche.

Now the Fun Begins

Enter some of your ideas into the keyword planner (with the exact match option checked) and analyze the results that come up.

You should be looking for keywords that have low competition and a decent amount of search volume.

Now you have to remember that the average marketer may come along and perform the same search and will more than likely grab the first relevant keyword they see and run with it because they see it has low competition.

This is how keywords begin to get competitive and where we are going to do something different.

Let’s say that you really know your tv shows and want to make that your niche, and of course can spend enough time away from watching zombies and mild drama. You probably already have a favorite tv show (s) which is perfect because that’s the next part of breaking down a niche.

We want to find unique keywords that hardly anyone else is using, making a niche untapped and ours for the taking.

So let’s throw this concept into an example.

The original idea was tv shows and we need to niche it down as much as we possibly can. Start niching down by adding other words to the beginning and/or end of keywords. It can be words that relate to the show, niche related slang, products, services, or any other adjectives you can think of.




See how well that works?

We went from a broad term, tv shows, to a flavorful variation of the word that presents an opportunity to become an authority in this niche.

If you’re curious as to how you could possibly make money from a site like this, I can give you 3 ways right now.

1.) Become a Hulu Affiliate

Hulu is a popular site with a huge archive of movies and tv shows, and each time you refer them a new member you can earn a percentage of the sale.

You could make a niche site that contains some information about the tv show, the characters, the actors in real life, add pictures and videos, write articles around videos, and so much more.

Just get creative. It’s super easy to write content for a site when you are familiar with a topic, and tv shows are one of the easiest topics for almost anyone to write about.

2.) Become an Amazon Affiliate

You could also become an affiliate through Amazon and earn a commission from each sale.

You could write reviews for some of the shows on tv right now and include other articles on topics including actor bios, discuss characters, top 10 lists, trivia and facts, or anything else that will keep eyeballs on your site.

3.) Install an Amazon Store

As a part of being an Amazon affiliate you can install an e-store once your site is set up and has content on it.

Along with the reviews and other types of articles I mentioned above, you can easily install the store and sell DVD’s of┬ámaybe some popular tv shows, or cartoons, or even movies related to your niche.

A lot of popular shows have some crazy merchandise that you could add to the store as well. There are usually t-shirts made for the most popular shows and other cool stuff apparel, hats, keychains and games. Just look at shows like Duck Dynasty, Jersey Shore, and even the Walking Dead.

Using this strategy, we can find keywords that hardly anyone else is using and run with them.

Pretty cool, eh?

So yeah, now you can use this technique to find untapped keywords and turn them into niches. Follow these steps and then go get some traffic and backlinks, then see what happens once you decide to take massive action.


Take Care Until Next Time,

Torri Thompson

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