Stop Waiting and Start Skating to Your Vision


If you really want something in life, waiting shouldn’t even be a word in your vocabulary

… Unless it’s in a line to get some delicious lunchmeat or for a mouth-watering meal at your favorite restaurant. Haha.

Seriously though, if you truly have a dream, goal, or desire in life you should never even consider waiting around to go and get it.

You may think that there will be a certain time and place for these things to just reveal themselves but things don’t always turn out as you think…

It’s taken me two grueling years of wresting with myself to pursue my vision of adding massive value to people’s lives through blogging.

You probably thinking, why has it taken so freakin’ long for you to take action, Torri?

Well come closer, let me tell you a short story.

I quit my job just before the summer of 2013 and took some time to practice personal development and sharpen my skills as a marketer.

I was pretty tapped out from working in an environment with negative vibes so thick that you could feel them in every damn inch of the place… even in the parking lot.

My mindset was backwards and tainted with limited beliefs that held me back from pursuing certain opportunities in my life.

The most impacting one was my fear of success and touch of social anxiety that basically scared me stiff, so I could never seem to follow through with taking action.

I’ve had almost 9 months to make my vision happen and I waited around too long so the opportunity slowly passed me by and was gone in the blink of an eye.

Of course I regret not taking action and wasting so much time waiting around but I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and in this case, it’s lesson learned.

I want my experience to speak to others with a loud voice that shouts “Don’t wait around, or you sooner or later you will be down as a clown.”

Not bad eh, just made that up on the spot like a polka dot.

“Oops, i did it again.” 😉

Anyhow, the most important thing I learned from my experience is how valuable our time is and how quickly it can slip away when we sit and wait around.

We aren’t guaranteed another day so why take for granted the days we have?

Why live life in such an average manner that you get so caught up in the negative talk and limiting beliefs of society that they become so entrenched in your mind that it takes over your life and keeps you stuck somewhere you really don’t want to be.

Everyone has an ideal life they would like to live but will always be too afraid to leave their comfort zone to make it happen for them, and especially when it strays from the norm.

For example, there are tons of people interested in the dream of earning a living from the comfort of their home, but there are far less with a vision and plan of action to make it happen.

Those with a dream will more than likely put in a few hours here and there and sit back and wait for the results to just ‘mysteriously happen.’

Those with a vision as previously said will have a definite plan of action that aligns with their goals backed by more belief than they ever had in Santa Claus (lol).

Who do you think is more likely to be successful?

Right, those that don’t wait to make things happen… The go getters armed with a precise plan of action and and massive amount of traction.

All it takes is a decision to make a commitment to accomplish your goals that’s backed by a sky high belief and a

IMG_0753burning desire to take massive action.

Belief is so important that it’s half the piece of the puzzle representing the bigger picture(your vision).

Not having belief means you probably don’t believe in your ability to make it happen or maybe you are suffering from limiting beliefs or even loss of self-confidence.

This can easily fixed by investing 30 minutes to an hour per day working on your personal development.

This can be done by with the aid of:

#1. Reading amazing, need I say life-changing books, that will flip your thought switch from negative to positive in a flash.

I spent most summer mornings if 2013 reading from eye opening books that motivated me to learn all I could about myself and look my fears in the face like Jamie Lee Curtis looks at Michael Myers in Halloween: H20.

Damn I’m so random tonight. Sit tight.

The more I continued to read, the more my mind began to expand to the endless opportunities life has placed before us and see a light down the path already paved by the thousands of people that are already where I want to be.

Digging deep into my inner-self with the help of reading has tremendously help lead me to see the shallow end where things start to become easier to handle.

The contents of the books I’m about to mention are incredibly enlightening and powerful.

They discuss the major components of success and how to get anything you want in life by departing ‘dreamland’ and arriving in a more positive place in your mind as a visionary, rather shift the way you think.

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons: Parts 1 & 2 (Consists of two books) by Napoleon Hill
  • Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rule by who other than Mr. Napoleon Hill himself
  • The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

***The previous three books are rather large reads that look like mini local phonebook. Ha. On a serious note the are long and time consuming but will be totally worth it and potentially a huge return on the time you invest reading. If i can make it through these three books then I believe you can too. You can tell from this post alone how ADD I can be so if I can pull through so can you.

If you have trouble getting started with taking action or keep putting it off even you really want to be successful, may I suggest a book on procrastination?

Both are short and sweet with a taste of new ideas on persuading yourself to make a habit out of taking action.

They really helped get me off the fence and get my gears turning in the direction of action.

  • The Procrastinator’s Handbook by Rita Emmett
  • Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

These books are full of tips to start removing procrastination from your life and be more productive.

Slight spoiler alert: I thought the best tip for handling procrastination was rewarding yourself for accomplishing tasks that you tend to put off doing.

The reward can be anything that will motivate you to keep taking action towards your goals just make it something equivalent to the amount of work you’re putting into the task.

#2: Absorbing motivational audio and video recordings

Reading rocks my socks but audio takes it one lap further around the block.

See, with audio you can kill two birds with one stone.

Audio only requires use of your ears leaving your hands free to take constructive action such as exercising or in my case writing blogs posts while taking in strong motivational messages found in speakers’ positive words.

Audio is a powerful tool that if listen to enough will absorb enough good to replace the bad leaving you a positive set of thinking skills.

This is so important because what you think about reflects how you feel and act.

If you think positive you will feel good about yourself and show confidence in your actions wheres if you are a negative thinker you probably won’t feel so good about yourself and often be in a bad mood.

If you’re too much of a negative Nancy you n;eed to consider becoming more like a positive Patty.

Go on, give it a try. You will be glad you did. 🙂

When I’m feeling down, putting on a motivational audio can turn my mood completely around.

The speakers’ word and intonation always get me pumped up and inspired for taking action.

There a hundreds of videos of great speakers like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigglar, and Brian Tracy, not to mention celebrities like Will Smith and Jim Carrey that give powerful speeches that shape the mold for success.


I have watched many of these but mostly get my fix from audios in the Inner Circle product in Empower Network. It’s jam packed full of interviews,leaders sharing their success strategies for leveraging your time to live life on your own terms.

It’s pretty cool stuff. Real people sharing real stories about how they felt the fear and went for their goals anyways.

Honestly though, you can find the same kind of material on YouTube….just sayin.

#3: Create a Pinterest account and find what motivates or inspires you

Pinterest is chock full of cool pictures of the things we best like but even better, it’s full of some amazing quotes that can stick to your mind like gorilla glue.

The fastest way to change the way you think for the better is to dominate your thoughts with what you want the most in life.

If you are pressed for time or are in a mood as sour as a lime, pins can give you a quick fix.

There are thousands of quotes for life, motivation, inspiration, or even volleyball that can make you feel good about yourself all over again.

Powerful quotes can impact the mind in powerful ways. I’ve created a board with pins that send good vibes through my soul and reignite me my mind power.

It may sound a little weird but it’s true and works well if you need a perk up.

#4: Start an exercise routine and push yourself to make it a habit

Exercise can suck, but only if you let it. Think of it more as a healthy energy booster instead of something that will take a lot of your energy and effort.

Any exercise is better than none, even if it’s only five minutes a day until you form a habit.

I started off on the elliptical for 2 1/2 minutes at a time for the first week as a warm up and progressed by 2 1/2 intervals every three days.

It doesn’t sound like much but the increase of my energy levels say different.

As you know, exercise releases natural endorphins that make you naturally happy and feel good. Getting your heart moving is the best way to do this.

I’ve also noticed an improvement in my focus and this blog post of 1,677 words is solid proof. I believe this post could be a new record for me. Yay self-discipline.

So to recap, it’s a no-brainer to stop waiting around and take control of your life before your life problems take control of you.

It’s not going to solve anything to waste time moping over problems, and especially ones that aren’t within your realm of control.

Learn to stand up and face your adversities and tackle them head on.

Think about it…. Are you going to let fear keep you waiting in your comfort zone for the rest of your life or are you going to do something to fix it?

Good choice, I thought you would pick the second one.

If you weren’t sure what to pick than consider the following question: Is the pain of moving working towards where you actually want to be in life greater than the pain of remaining where you are now?

If you said no then I recommend you write down the following quote and memorize it for a time when you may need it as a refresher.

Pretty catchy huh?

Make a decision to commit to taking action towards your vision each and every day. Improve your mindset through some or all of the personal development actions we discussed.

I can’t tell you enough how much doing these things has changed my life in more ways that I can count, the most beneficial way being that it made me stop waiting and jump in the game as a strong and confident player.

Put your game face on and own your decision to commit to your vision.

Then if you’re up to it, feel free to fill me in on your vision and the goals you plan to accomplish. It would be cool to hear from you.

ADD blogger signing out.

 Aka, Torri Thompson

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